Heineken has unveiled its strategy to help retailers unlock £670m in additional sales in the next three years by focusing on six areas.

The company’s ‘greenpaper’ initiative encourage retailers to drive sales by focusing on seasonal events, premium and healthier options, core ranging, younger shoppers and meal pairings.

Its research revealed that 43% of large single bottles are purchased with food, indicating an opportunity for retailers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland to promote pizza and barbecue food with beer and cider this summer.

Heineken also revealed an alcohol-free launch under its Old Mout brand and new pack designs rolling out on Maltsmiths.

Retailers can drive sales in the no, low and gluten-free alcohol category, which is growing by 18%, with a new Old Mout Berries & Cherries Alcohol-Free Cider.  The launch is available in 500ml bottles, RRP £1.30.

The new Maltsmiths designs will run on 6x330ml and 660ml packs, RRP £6.75 and £2 respectively, and retailers will be able to drive sales with new PoS.

The six key areas to focus on:

  1. Sports and Seasons. Fifty-two per cent of beer and cider value sales are sold during key seasonal periods, so retailers should drive sales by promoting sports events and summer get-togethers.
  2. Premium. Catch a customers’ eye by displaying premium and gift-worthy lines in new places around your shop.
  3. Healthier. Forty per cent of consumers limit processed foods and 34% limit calories, so stocking low, no and gluten-free alcohol options is a must. 
  4. Core range. Mainstream beer and cider makes up 75% of the category, so stocking the right formats and top brands is crucial. 
  5. Younger shoppers. Retailers need to attract this demographic in to their shop by speaking their language and being present on social media.
  6. Food pairing. The number of times where people have consumed alcohol with a meal has increased by more than 5% in the past four years. 

The launch of Old Mout Alcohol-Free follows Heinekeen 0.0, which was unveiled last year.