Heineken is tapping into the latest beer trends with launches and campaigns for Foster’s, Desperados and Heineken.

Backed by a £2.5m campaign, Heineken is rolling out an alcohol-free beer to appeal to shoppers looking to better moderate their alcohol consumption.

It is available in 4x330ml and 6x330ml packs, RRP £3.25 and £4.50 respectively.

David Lette, premium brands director for Heineken, told Retail Express that consumers are moderating alcohol consumption for different reasons, other than just so they can drive.

“In Spain, it makes up 10% of the category. I think you’ll see shelf space increasing. People want to moderate but they still want great quality and taste,” he added.

In contrast, Desperados is extending its range with Dos, which has a higher ABV of 7% and comes in smaller, 250ml bottles.

The drink is a light and dark tequila-flavoured beer and will be backed by outdoor and digital advertising, as well as PoS.

Rounding off the activity is Foster’s, which is rolling out new designs that promote the brand’s history.

The new designs contain the signature of the brand’s creators William and Ralph Foster.