With 13% of Diageo’s business coming from new products, the drinks producer has announced brand extensions across its portfolio.pimms strawberry

Following last month’s launch of Pimm’s Strawberry with a Hint of Mint, the brand is launching Pimm’s Cider Cup, which will be supported by a £1.1m campaign including sampling activity.

Incorporating a black design to attract male consumers, Smirnoff Ice Double Black with Guarana is available in 250ml cans and 275ml bottles. The extension into Western Europe follows the brands’ launch in Australia and Africa.

Following the launch of Smirnoff into the frozen pouches category, Pimm’s Summer Crush and Gordon’s Frozen Cooler will join Diageo’s range. Both brands are spending £1m on advertising this summer.

James Cragg, head of category development at Diageo, told Retail Express: “We’re actively out there providing fridges and freezers for small stores. We want to place as many as we can in the right sort of outlets. We’ve seen an 18% increase in pouches when they’re sold frozen.”

Captain Morgan is introducing White Rum in April, RRP £17-£18. It will be supported by a large campaign and PoS is available to retailers.

Ciroc, the luxury vodka brand from Diageo Reserve, has added a Pineapple flavour available in 70cl bottles, 37.5% ABV RRP £38.

“Reserve absolutely has a place in convenience. When Ciroc, launched the independent area was one of the massive engines for growth. For a while it was wrongly assumed that it didn’t have a place, but the last few years has shown otherwise,” added Cragg.

Guinness has also launched Golden Ale, RRP £2.29. It will be supported by a £4.5m campaign feeding into The Brewers Project, an initiative launched last September to celebrate the growth of beer.