Camelot has suspended a retailer who has been stripped of his alcohol licence after his third conviction for selling illicit booze.

The north-west London-based retailer has been suspended from selling lottery tickets by the company “pending an investigation”.

And while the lottery organiser said such issues were “rare”, its action will be welcomed by responsible retailers keen to see more being done to battle the scourge of the business.

Camelot stated that it will terminate any agreements and seize its terminals back if it thinks a retailer is undermining the lottery, its integrity or the public’s confidence in it.

Retailer Amrik Singh Arora was stripped of his alcohol licence after almost 1,000 litres of alcohol and illicit tobacco was seized from Good Morning Super Store in Harrow by trading standards.

His awning outside the shop stated that lottery tickets and PayPoint were available in the store, but Camelot has confirmed the suspension as part of its investigation.

A spokesperson said: “Our aim is to raise as much money as possible for good causes through selling lottery tickets in a socially responsible way.

“If a retailer is found to be in breach of their agreement, or we believe that their conduct is likely to have undermined the integrity and security of the lottery, or player confidence in it – we reserve the right to terminate their agreement and remove our terminal.”

PayPoint said the retailer in question had not been part of the network since 2012.