Accolade-Wines it's treating season

Accolade Wines is investing £1m in an on-pack Christmas campaign across its Echo Falls, Hardys, Mud House, Jam Shed, and Stone‘s Ginger brands under the strapline: ‘It’s treating season’.

Accolade is also supplying branded bags to retailers appeal to the 22% of consumers who buy wine as a gift over the Christmas period.

Echo Falls will launch an on-pack promotion, giving away free disco ball key rings with ProsEcho Falls, Echo Falls Summer Berries Vodka and Echo Falls Pink Gin. Later in the season, additional Echo Falls varieties and Fruit Frusions will give customers the chance to win a full-sized disco ball.

Accolade will also launch limited-edition neck tags on Hardys VR, Stamp, Nottage Hill and Crest, promoting that it as the UK’s number-one wine brand.

Neck tags on Jam Shed will promote its use as the base for making mulled wine, while Mud House tags will give consumers the chance to win adventure weekends.

Stone’s Ginger neck tags will encourage consumers to try Stone’s Gin with Ginger Ale.

Paul Hillier, head of trade marketing at Accolade Wines, said: “Retailers can depend on Accolade Wines to drive their wine sales over the all-important Christmas trading period.”