With summer as the peak season for beer sales, we asked three retailers to reveal their top tips for selling beer.

1. Bulk-buy deals to give better value to customers and more margins for yourself

For example, I order a crate with 144 cases in, and in a deal it means I can achieve margins between 25-30% on beer. On top of this I do my own promotions – such as two for £20 – which I can do thanks to bulk buying, which also helps increase my footfall and sales by a significant amount. Jas Bhattle, Simply Local, Merseyside.

2. Cut out slow sellers

Especially if they’re pricemarked, which most are, it’s far more profitable having multiple facings of popular beers. For example, I recently dropped the four pack Budweiser pint cans because I was just getting a 13% margin. Alan Dunn, Open All Hours, Cumbria.

3. Stock a good range of 15-packs

We sell these at £10, and although only give a 10% margin, have a high rate of sale. Over the past few years I’ve noticed that while sales of 15-packs have increased, four-packs have declined in my store. Bay Bashir, Belle Vue Convenience Store, Middlesborough.

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