Retail Success Handbook – What To Stock 2021

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What to Stock is compiled using exclusive EPoS data from 3,451 independent stores across the nation, and covers more than 60 core convenience categories and areas of growth. Order your copy from your magazine wholesaler today, or fill in the form below to get a reminder about when you can order a copy on-line.

A must read for ambitious, profit-driven retailers who want to run their store in a way that is good for the planet, and good for business

  • 41 proven ideas you could easily implement to make a difference
  • Profiles of four retailers who’ve made their stores more sustainable, and how they did it
  • How to measure your performance on sustainability
  • Tips on getting your community involved
  • Practical, affordable and easily implementable ways to cut your plastic waste
  • A guide to the suppliers who are going above and beyond to make their products less harmful to the planet
  • Cutting your bills and making your overall business more profitable