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JJ Whitley: Blood Orange gin

New blood for flavoured gins

JJ Whitley’s new Blood Orange-flavoured gin joins Elderflower, Nettle, London Dry and Violet gin in the company’s range.  

RRP £18

Contact customer.services@halewood-int.com

Shipyard Low Tide

Glad tidings for low- booze beer fans

US beer brand Shipyard is launching Low Tide, a 0.5% ABV pale, to appeal to consumers who view current low- and no-alcohol brews as ‘flavourless’.  

Contact shipyardbeer.co.uk


A big gin win for Pernod Ricard

Pernod Ricard has purchased Italian super-premium gin Malfy in a bid to increase customer spend in the spirits category.   

RRP £20-£32

Contact charlotte.sylvester@pernod-ricard.co.uk

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Prodigiously chunky chocolate bars

Prodigy Snacks’ new bars are available in two flavours: Chunky Chocolate and Chunky Orange Chocolate with Baobab.  

RRP £1.75

Contact sameer@prodigysnacks.com


Vegan cake bars with Bells on

Bells of Lazonby has launched premium vegan cake bars in Berry & Cashew, Nut Truffle and Ginger & Apricot flavours.  

RRP £2.75 (four-pack)

Contact info@bellsoflazonby.co.uk

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