Birmingham-based vape distributor Real Trading has announced sales uplifts of up to 70% in independent retailers who are trialling the company’s Vape Station displays on the shop floor.

The company’s ‘shop floor solution’ launched in February and is now installed in more than 50 stores across the country. The units are customisable, can be as large or small as required and are supplied free of charge, with retailers only charged for stock.

The trials are designed to help retailers extend their vaping range beyond the gantry and onto the shop floor, where it is more likely to be noticed by customers.

Lucas Bartram, head of Vape Station at Real Trading, said: “We are exploring new territory by making our vaping products available to consumers on the shop floor. We felt this was an important step for us as we offer the largest range of vaping products and the shop-floor solution gives consumers that all important browsing time that a back-of-wall solution usually can’t offer.

‘’We have seen uplifts in vape sales of up to 70% after installing our latest Vape Station design, the feedback we have had from our partners has been very positive.’’

The units also feature push feeds on every line, ensuring it is kept front faced, and benefits from LED backlighting and modern graphics.

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