With tobacco and lottery tickets, two staple convenience sellers, apparently under threat if there’s a yes vote today in Scotland, at least one sector of the industry is seemingly unworried about tonight’s vote.

President of the electronic cigarette manufacturers’ body ECITA, Michael Clapper, doesn’t believe that there’s much a change in national status can do to stop the growth of this new category:

“E-cigarette sales are growing rapidly in almost every country, whatever that country’s current regulatory stance is towards them (or tobacco), so we do not believe a ‘yes’ vote for independence would threaten the growth of e-cig sales in Scotland.”

His only worry is that prices might have to rise.

“There are still a lot of unknowns that might well affect the costs for English companies to trade with a newly independent Scotland, and we would hope that our retail pricing would not be affected, but until we know the full commercial implications for certain, that would need to remain a remote possibility.”
So it have to remain to be seen, but retailers worried about what would happen in the advent of a “yes” vote can at least expect the growth of one area of their business to continue.