Retailers are reporting that a new e-cigarette merchandising display from JTI has resulted in a 20% spike in sales.

The display is built into the gantry and gives space for retailers to stock JTI’s Logic brand, as well as competitor products.

Dee Sedani, owner of One Stop in Matlock, Derbyshire, was one of three retailers who is trialling the displays and has seen a spike a sales.

“Before we had our vaping products under the counter and not really visible, but now it’s built into the actual gantry and customers really like it. I’ve definitely seen an increase in sales, I’d estimate about a 20% increase,” he told Retail Express.

The display was also trialled by Arjan Mehr, owner of Londis Great Hollands Derbyshire, and Jet Sunner, of Michaels Supermarket Nisa in Birmingham.

“I think it’s important to site e-cigarettes and tobacco together on the back wall. JTI’s approach creates space which will allow me to showcase a wider range,” said.