Juul Labs adds Menthol flavour to range

Menthol JuulPods are now available with an RRP of £10.99

Menthol JuulPods from Juul Labs

Juul Labs has launched a new Menthol flavour JuulPod to the UK market to offer smokers a wider range of alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

Menthol is the latest flavour to join the JuulPod range of e-liquids, which includes Glacier Mint, Mango Nectar, Golden Tobacco and Alpine Berry varieties. It is available in a four-pack with an RRP of £10.99.

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John Patterson, the company’s UK sales director, said smoking related diseases are responsible for almost 96,000 deaths in the UK annually, and smokers should first and foremost try and give up combustible cigarettes – but if they can’t or won’t, it is critically important to provide access to potentially less harmful nicotine products.

He added: “It is estimated that a quarter of UK adult smokers – roughly 1.7 million people – currently smoke menthol or crushball cigarettes.

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Menthol cigarettes will be banned in the EU and UK from 20 May, and for adult smokers who cannot or will not cease using nicotine, having access to alternatives to combustible cigarettes, and accurate information about those alternatives, is critical.”

As part of Juul Labs’ commitment to responsible retailing, the company is continuing to invest in its Challenge 25 age verification policy, providing retailer training, alongside mystery shopping audits.

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