Vaping more effective than patches

The new study builds upon the research done in 2016 by Cochrane which came to the same conclusion

Is vaping less harmful than cigarettes?

Vaping nicotine is up to 70% more effective in helping people quit smoking than patches or gum, a new review suggests.

Drawing on evidence from 50 studies around the world, the review by the Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group also found no clear evidence of serious harm from vaping products that contain nicotine.

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“There is now evidence that electronic cigarettes with nicotine are likely to increase the chances of quitting successfully compared to nicotine gum or patches,” says Jamie Hartmann-Boyce of Cochrane.

The results double down on a 2016 study by Cochrane, which similarly found e-cigs were more likely to help smokers quit than patches or gum, but there was less evidence to cite four years ago.

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