How the UK vaping sector will be shaped by 2021

As many predicted, 2021 is set up be a crucial year for the industry, with several events likely to affect retailers and consumers.

John Dunne UKVIA
John Dunne, director general, UKVIA

The government’s long-awaited review of the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations (TRPR) has been announced, providing an opportunity for vaping’s public health potential to be more fully realised.

TRPR covers many aspects of how vaping products can be accessed in the UK, and in the UKVIA’s ‘Blueprint for better regulation’ we will make a number of recommendations to the government, all of which are designed to ensure a safe and thriving market.

There is also activity at the World Health Organisation (WHO), which will hold an important meeting on tobacco and related products in November.

I was happy to accept an invitation from parliamentarians to address them on this matter recently, taking the voice of consumers, retailers and suppliers to our decision makers. It is vital the UK’s progressive approach to the vaping sector is protected.

UKVIA calls for essential status for vape shops

Sadly, we are seeing more countries going down the wrong route on vaping. The EU Commission’s newly unveiled ‘Beating cancer plan’ worryingly confl ates vaping with combustible cigarettes, ignoring the huge body of evidence on harm reduction.

Helping people to improve their health is often what most motivates vaping entrepreneurs, and the EU’s negative stance is likely to make matters worse rather than better. Again, the UKVIA is doing all it can to protect the UK industry from these regressive tactics.

At the time of writing, the UK government has offered no definitive date for the end of lockdown, but rest assured our work continues every day, safeguarding this sector for all who rely on it.

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