Vaping leads to higher Covid-19 risk in young people

European Commission data covering August to September 2020 has revealed that fruit flavours, such as cherry or strawberry, are the most popular with users who smoke an e-cigarette at least monthly. 

In the data, which covered respondents from the European Union and UK, fruit was the most popular at 48%, followed by tobacco at 36%. Nicotine-based e-liquids were preferred by 12%, while alcohol flavours were the least popular flavours at 4%. 

How the UK vaping sector will be shaped by 2021

Menthol and mint flavours sit in third place at 30%, but have grown by eight percentage points since 2017, possibly reflecting the impact of the menthol ban in tobacco. The data also revealed that 22% of respondents in the UK have tried e-cigarettes once or twice.