When will menthol cigarettes disappear? Will my wholesaler help me through the changes?

With not one but two, unprecedented new sets of regulations about to arrive, keeping abreast of new developments has never been more difficult or important. To get you ready for both EUTPD II and standardised packaging, Retail Newsagent looked for answers to some of the most pressing questions. Here are a few of the questions and answers. With billions of pounds at stake, can you afford not to read on? To find out more, Sign up to Retail Newsagent to get your hands on the full guide.

Why bother to keep selling tobacco products at all?

shopping basket

Market research shows that tobacco is a key offering for convenience stores. 39% of adult smokers say tobacco is their main driver to visit. The average spend of a tobacco smoker is £10.57, almost double that of a non-tobacco smoker (£5.45).


How has plain packaging affected levels of illicit trade in Australia?

Australian plain packaging

According to a KMPG report, Australia has witnessed a 3% rise in the illicit tobacco trade since the introduction of standardised packaging in 2012.

When does the ban on menthol cigarettes come into force?

Menthol cigarettes

Retailers will no longer be able to sell menthol flavoured cigarettes from May 2020.

Can retailers sell pricemarked packs?

Cigarette price marked packs

Pricemarked packs can no longer be produced. Existing stocks can be sold until 19 May 2017, when their sale will also become illegal.

How will customers or retailers be able to identify different cigarette brands under plain packaging rules?

plain cigarette pack doodle

All packs will be brown in colour, with the brand and variant name given in grey text. No logos or other branding will be permitted. Retailers will have to identify brands from the name alone.

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