Edge vape expands into Asda and Sainsbury’s

Retailers have said the low RRP is a major selling point for the brand

Edge vape

Edge products will now be available in 615 Asda stores nationwide and several Sainsbury’s stores, albeit with a limited range compared to convenience.

Chris Carr, sales director at Edge, told Better Retailing a selected number of Asda stores have stocked a small range of products since 2019. However, this year’s launch marks the first “significant outing” for the brand.

“Since 2019, we’ve seen total impulse sales increase by 40% across all retailers, meaning we can confidently say the deal will not cannibalise Edge sales for convenience retailers,” he said.

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“As independents can stock a much more substantial range, they are able to offer something that Asda cannot.”

Michael McKay, who is the store manager across two One Stop stores, a Costcutter and a Nisa Local in the East Midlands, said Edge e-liquids are a big seller for his stores, and sells them at an RRP of £2.50.

“They’ve done well in convenience stores, so it was only a matter of time before the big multiples got to them. It’s hard to say right now if it will detract sales from us seeing as the independent shopper is different to the supermarket one.

“However, if sales do drop as a result, we will, of course, have to delist it,” he added.

In exclusive convenience data provided for Better Retailing by the Retail Data Partnership, Edge e-liquids claimed all top 10 spots when it came to offering retailers the highest margin, with Edge E-Liquid Very Menthol 6mg price-marked pack claiming the eighth spot when it came to best rate of sale.

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In part, retailers have said the low RRP is a major selling point for the brand.

Leeds retailer Arjan Singh Rhoud, of Premier Morley Convenience, said he also doesn’t think it will affect his Edge e-liquid sales as he’s established his store as a destination for vapes, and does around £2,000 of Edge sales per week – and £5,000 per week overall in the category.

“Since we installed the vape station in the middle of the store, two vape specialist stores in the area closed down, which is testament to the reputation we have gained when it comes to the category. I think those who buy Edge will continue buying it from us,” he said.

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