Clipper is lighting up the e-cigarette market with Brio, a range of disposable and rechargeable products.

The range

  • Disposable – Classic Tobacco flavour Gold/Classic Tobacco flavour Bold/Menthol
  • Rechargeable Starter Kit
  • Cartridges/Cartomisers – Gold/Bold/Menthol
  • Tank Vaporiser
  • Mini Tank Vaporiser
  • E-liquids

The lighter manufacturer has launched the brand, which has advanced technology that makes it one of the longest-lasting e-cigs in the market, into the independent sector. 

The e-cigs also have a soft filter tip and smooth paper to create a smoking experience closer to smoking regular cigarettes to appeal to adult smokers looking to switch to e-cigs.

Clipper is expecting Brio to be a huge hit with consumers as the company is known and trusted by existing smokers.

To celebrate the brand’s launch, Clipper is running a deal for independent retailers, offering a free pack of disposables or tank vapourisers with the purchase of five packs.