Blu eCigs has launched a new Pro Kit to tap into the growing number of consumers switching from tobacco.

Pro Kit

RRP: £19.99

Includes: A ‘clearomiser’, 10ml measure of Classic Tobacco e-liquid, a pro battery and a safe-charge USB charger

The Pro Kit has been designed to provide five times more power than its smaller counterparts, so a charger has been created that can match it in strength and power output. 

The blu eCigs ‘safe charge’ technology means the unique Pro Kit battery only works with the Pro Kit charger, avoiding any possibility of using the Pro Kit with an incompatible or unsafe charger. 

The ‘clearomiser’ is also surrounded by a ‘shock-proof’ metal shell, which protects the unit against accidental damage, and it
has a clear window that enables vapers to monitor how much e-liquid is left inside the tank.

The range offers a variety of quality e-liquid refills in flavours that include Classic Tobacco, Cherry, Menthol, NRG, Strawberry-mint and Blu-Berry.