Retailers should focus on an extensive flavour range over devices to make the most of their vape sales, Blu has advised.

The supplier, part of Imperial Tobacco, has increased its total e-liquid range to 30 after launching eight flavours last month. Imperial Tobacco corporate and legal affairs communications manager George Tucker told RN: “More than 70% of the vaping market is driven by e-liquids and sales are outpacing devices by three to one.

“There is demand from shoppers for range because it matches human habit. We don’t have the same dinner every day otherwise we’d get bored. Range, availability and knowledge are vital areas which retailers should be able to provide shoppers.”

Samantha Coldbeck, of Wharfedale Premier in Hull, said offering a large range of vape flavours has helped her compete with online rivals. She told RN: “I have more than 30 different flavours and average margins are better than tobacco at 45%.”

Ferhan Ashiq, of Levenhall Village Store in Musselburgh, added: “I increased my vaping bay fourfold to 1.25m in August and sales have doubled to £300.”