Why did this retailer lose his tobacco gantry?

Tobacco supplier JTI has ripped out the gantry of a retailer convicted of selling cigarettes to children.

Shriraj Gindha, who owns Tony’s Newsagent in Torry, Aberdeen, was banned from selling tobacco by the Aberdeen Sheriff’s Court after he was caught selling to under age customers on several occasions.

Paul Williams, JTI UK head of corporate affairs, said: “Given the severity of this offence, we decided the removal of our gantry was the right course of action. Selling cigarettes to minors is inexcusable and JTI is taking a lead to ensure that retailers involved in this type of conduct understand the consequences and are accountable for their actions.”

In October 2013 JTI removed its tobacco gantry from Mohammed Sedoo’s shop in Cheltenham, after he was jailed for selling counterfeit and non duty-paid cigarettes.


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