In Retail Newagent’s feature this week I looked at the tobacco industry’s most innovative sector: Value. Here’s 5 brands manufacturers recently positioned in this segment to attract cash-conscious customers.

  1. Marlboro: Last September Philip Morris launched a roll-you-own variant of Marlboro, 90 years after the cigarette brand first entered the market. With an RRP of £4.40 for 12.5g, and £6.90 for 20g pouch formats, each variant comes with rolling papers (25 in the 12.5g pouch, 50 in the 20g). The tobacco blend is the same as that found in Marlboro Gold cigarettes, but has a higher (20.5%) moisture level in order to preserve freshness.
  2. B&H Roll Your Own Silver: JTI repositioned its B&H Silver Roll Your Own brand into the value sector with a new lower price point. Available across all channels from the beginning of November, the changes affected all B&H Silver RYO products, with 12.5g, 25g and 50g available at an RRP of £4.15, £7.99 and £15.49 respectively. 12.5g and 25g pouches are also available in pricemarked pack formats.
  3. Pall Mall RYO tobacco: BAT moved its 12.5g variant into a new 11g pouch and reduced the price gram for gram, with the new format priced at £2.99.
  4. Rothmans Gold and Silver: These cigarettes were again repositioned with a lower price point. Gold and Silver Kingsize are now available in packs pricemarked at £5.99, Super Kingsize £6.04, and 10s at £3.12.
  5. GV Smooth: Imperial Tobacco’s latest offering to value-conscious smokers is the Players Smooth range. And after a major refresh of its RYO portfolio it offers a competitively priced 8g, papers and filters pack of GV Smooth.