The extraordinarily broad range of voices entering the debate over independence in Scotland has just got broader and more extraordinary. This email, from a senior source in the tobacco industry, has just arrived in my inbox:

“Should Scotland go independent? The Scottish health minister has said that he will introduce plain packaging for cigarettes whatever happens in Westminster, regardless of the consequences and legality. Combine this with potential powers to introduce an aggressive tax policy [advocated by Government funded health groups] could Carlisle turn into the next Calais as a thriving hub for “cross-border” shopping which Scotland could do little to prevent?”

Worth remembering that independent retailers in Scotland will begin to see gantries going up in their stores over the coming weeks, in preparation of the, already more stringent, tobacco display ban coming into force next April. With this in mind, this warning could be well timed.

Is independence worth the risk of further increased tobacco legislation and taxes? Let us know below.