Retailer is successful in fight against gantry removal

A retailer who was told he would lose his cigarette gantry because 75% of space was not used for JTI products has successfully fought to keep it.

Eric Jordan, of Evenwood News in Country Durham, was told by his JTI rep the unit would be removed but, after raising concerns through RN, he was informed last Monday he would be able to keep it.

“We now have a 50% underutilised JTI display unit due to the impact of the incoming tobacco legislation,” said Mr Jordan.

“JTI via the rep demanded the stand be filled 75% with its brands. It would have ruined our display area.”

JTI’s head of communications Jeremy Blackburn said: “During the transition to EUTPD II and plain packaging our representatives are focusing on advising and informing retailers about the importance of maintaining both range and availability.”


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