gantry 09We lost almost our entire tobacco and cigarette stock during our recent burglary and needed to restock. To begin with we only ordered in our top 10 sellers because we were unable to lock the gantry due to the damaged that the intruders caused.

When the JTI engineer had repaired the display unit we increased our range to our top 20 best sellers. The interesting result is that three weeks after we were robbed, our takings have almost returned to pre robbery levels, despite a severly reduced range.

We are being asked for one or two lines that were have not yet brought back, but on the whole customers are chosing from the range that we have on offer. Our sales last week, just two weeks after the break-in, our cigarette and tobacco sales have returned to within 5% of our September average.

We will continue to grow our cigarette and tobacco range as customers request that we bring their brand back, but the much-quoted 80:20 rule is more than alive and well within our tobacco sales!