Two leading tobacco manufacturers have unveiled covered tobacco gantry options to target the 8,000 retailers who have yet to find a display ban solution.

Philip Morris said it will be offering free shutters branded with its Nicocig e-cigarette range to interested retailers who meet certain criteria.

This includes stocking and displaying the company’s range of Vivid e-liquid and Nicolites e-cigarettes, displaying Nicocig PoS material in prominent positions and keeping gantries clear of obstructions.

The Nicocig company was purchased by Philip Morris last year.

It follows a survey of 20,000 retailers – around half of the UK trade – by the manufacturer, which found that with less than 90 days until the ban, 20% of respondents have yet to introduce a gantry solution.

Gerald Margolis, director of sales at the company, said the move was a “win win” for retailers who have not signed a contract with their current gantry provider or have yet to introduce their own compliant displays.

He added: “The shutter solution is an opportunity from Nicocigs that we are happy to share with interested retailers.”

Meanwhile, British American Tobacco (BAT) told RN it has recruited around 500 retailers to take on the company’s own gantry solution, announced last May.

The shutter solution is an opportunity from Nicocigs that we are happy to share with interested retailers

The Pall Mall and Rothmans manufacturer said it is in the process of completing site surveys to implement its two door covered displays, which are being offered to retailers signed up to its MOR£ Together trade partnership scheme.

A spokesman for BAT said it will also be providing retailers with information packs and will give tools and information on understanding key tobacco trends when the display ban hits. It added that the firm was “getting more calls each day from retailers who have not yet looked into securing a solution”.

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