With a year to go, you should already be getting your tobacco category in perfect shape for the change, says Jeremy Blackburn.

Keep a full range

There’s no question that leading into the display ban you must have a full range so that customers get to know what you sell.

And carry on after the ban

Beyond the ban keep your products available because out of stocks can lead to such frustration is even greater and chances are smokers won’t come back.

Prepare your staff

For retailers getting the category right, their store will become destination. This means the role of staff becomes increasingly important. When staff are asked, they should be fully aware and able to answer any tobacco-related question.

Get this ready now

This is what you should be doing now because when it comes to covering up, the changes won’t impact as significantly than if you try to change practices later.

Tobacco will still be a dynamic category

What we’ve learned from other markets such Canada is that successful retailers will continue to develop their range after the ban comes into force.

Read Retail Newsagent’s 4 April issue for a full guide to next year’s tobacco display ban.