Imperial Tobacco launches Green Filter range and new JPS Bright

Imperial Tobacco has added a new Green Filter range across five of its existing brands, and launched a new variety under its JPS brand, JPS Bright, to help retailers maintain menthol customers after the ban and grow sales.

The Green Filter range includes the same tobacco blend the brands are known for, but with enhancements to ensure they meet the needs of shoppers transitioning from menthol.

The new features include a white-tipped firm filter that retains its shape and structure until the end of the smoke and delivers a smoother, more consistent smoking experience. It also uses Reduced Smoke Smell (RSS) paper which is designed to reduce the linger of smoke smell on clothes and fingers.

Prepare for the future of nicotine with Imperial Tobacco

The new Green Filter varieties are being launched across JPS Players, Carlton, Windsor Blue, Richmond and Lambert & Butler ranges. All the new lines are available to buy now in packs of 20 with an RRP of £8.95.

Meanwhile, the supplier is also launching new JPS Bright, which comprises a premium two-piece white stream filter tip that reduces the harshness of the smoking experience. As with the Green Filter range, the addition of a white-tipped filter and RSS paper will ensure the product resonates with menthol consumers.

Preparing your shoppers for the menthol ban with Imperial Tobacco

JPS Bright features a new, premium Virginia tobacco blend that is less bitter than traditional Virginia blends, designed to suit the taste palates of menthol smokers. The new range will be rolling out soon in superking size packs of 20, with an RRP of £9.65.

Chris Street, UK market manager at Imperial Tobacco, said: “Our findings highlight that many menthol consumers would reject a cork tip, so we’ve adapted some of our brands to cater for this demand. Retailers should make sure they’re stocked up on the full Green Filter range to allow them to offer menthol consumers a product designed specifically for them from their brand of choice.”

Street explained that smokers can couple the Green Filter range with its Rizla Flavour Infusions, which were launched at the end of last year.

Rizla Flavour Infusions launched by Imperial Tobacco

He continued: “Brand loyalty has always been a strong purchase driver in tobacco and research shows that 82% of menthol and crushball smokers will remain with their usual brand, while 70% are expected to switch to a smooth or full flavour variant when the menthol ban arrives.

“JPS is well positioned to leverage its brand recognition through the launch of JPS Bright. Providing premium quality at an economy price point, JPS Bright provides an alternative for menthol consumers from a brand they can trust.”

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