Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG)’s Gantry Guardian scheme will help retailers avoid losing sales when the display ban takes effect in April 2015.

STG’s ‘Gantry Guardians’ are retailers who will play a role in offering guidance and peer-to-peer advice to other independent shops on how to start preparing now.

The cigar manufacturer is also launching a four-page Gantry Guardians’ Guide to Tobacco, which provides key tips.

KEY DATE: April 6, 2015 – all stores must have their tobacco covered

Alan Graham, head of marketing at STG, said: “Our Gantry Guardians are experiencing the same struggles and challenges as other retailers and so are able to offer first-hand advice on how to prepare. Using our category insights and direct advice from the shop floor with our Gantry Guardians, we will endeavour to support retailers through this transition period and help them get ready for the arrival of the display ban next year.”

Londis retailer and Ganrty Guardian Raj Aggarwal told Retail Express: “This Government will want to make an example of retailers who are not prepared for the display ban. We need to prepare now to avoid being left in that position.”

Glasgow retailer and STG Gantry Guardian Jack Marwaha said: “I’m looking forward to learning how I can ensure that I’m fully prepared for when the display ban arrives and helping other retailers get one step ahead to ensure their sales don’t suffer.”

The move follows a promise earlier this summer by tobacco supplier BAT that it would help retailers find solutions to the display ban.