The UK’s first plain packs are now in wholesale.

The new Benson & Hedges Superkings Sky Blue were spotted at Booker by Stephen Barker, of S & J News in Rochester.

First-PP-cut“They still have some of the old stock, but they reckon they will be on full sale by the end of the week,” he said. “I was surprised to see them already.”

Jeremy Blackburn, JTI head of communications, said:  “It is difficult to predict when new packs will appear – price, popularity, stock holding, pack sizes – there are so many variables which impact on rate of sale, it is not appropriate to speculate”

 “The popularity and continued success of B&H Blue Superkings has contributed to the reason for them appearing in the new packs at this stage”.

RN understands St Moritz plain packs will also be in wholesale soon.

Have you sold any plain packs?