To continue offering customers value, B&H Blue King Size, Superkings Blue and Sky Blue will be available in 17s from the end of January.

With an RRP of £5.99, JTI is supporting the new packs with wholesale deals on B&H Blue and Sky Blue, which will be promoted on PoS in cash and carry tobacco rooms.

Retailers should also look out for the February 9 issue of Retail Express for adverts containing promotional codes that can be entered at JTI Advance for the chance to win £100-worth of Amber Leaf stock.

Jeremy Blackburn, JTI head of communications, said: “The trend towards value cigarette is still going strong, and as JTI’s cheapest cigarette brand, B&H Blue is a must stock for any retailer looking to capitalise on this sales opportunity.”

Launched as an extension to Benson and Hedges House in 2014, the brand currently has a 5% share of the super value tobacco segment.