After last week’s Scottish referendum, the cat is out of the bag when it comes to cynicism about politics. Miliband’s speech themes, from house building to Lord’s reform, seemed to address the same issues of cynicism that the SNP used to almost clinch independence.

For business, however, here are the headlines:

Self-employed: To be given equal rights in the law regarding pensions and benefits.

House building: 200,00 to be built – will new communities provide an opportunity for independents looking to grow their businesses?

Apprenticeships: Companies who take up government contracts will have to offer apprenticeships.

Minimum wage: To be £8 by 2020. This might sound like a big increase but is only marginally above the predicted rate of inflation.

Tobacco companies: Not much detail in the speech but widely expected to be a tax on market share.

Reform: Decentralising government and giving powers to local authorities. Positives: more accountability and opportunity for business policies tailored to local community. Potential negatives: more red tape?

There was no mention of Labour being “the party of small business” as there was last year but this was a speech designed to appeal to small businesses. Did you catch it? What did you think? Have you already decided which party to vote for come May 2015?