tenzing plant power shots

Functional energy brand Tenzing is set to launch a new range of Plant Power Shots.

The new range comes in a small 150ml can in Apple, Matcha & Ginger and Black Cherry, Guarana & Goji varieties.

Each variety contains 120mg of natural caffeine (80mg per 100ml) and 22% of a consumer’s daily recommended Vitamin C intake, with 30 calories per can.

Tenzing founder Huib van Bockel said: “What if you could blend your morning espresso, ginger shot and a glass of OJ into one drink? Well that’s exactly what we’ve done: our shots are everything you need to kickstart your day in just 150ml. You’ll never underestimate the power of nature again.”

Tenzing Plant Power Shots will be available to independent retailers later this summer, following an initial launch in Tesco and from Tenzing’s online shop on 27 May.

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