Yazoo PMPs

Yazoo is launching a range of promotions for its price-marked pack (PMP) lines.

From the beginning of February, Yazoo’s 1l bottles will be available as a £1.79 PMP.

Meanwhile, the core 400ml bottles are in a £1.15 PMP, with an additional flash highlighting the new two for £2 offer.

The new PMPs come as Yazoo is currently worth £74m, with £32m of sales (43%) coming through the convenience channel. Of these, PMPs represent 64% of sales.

Yazoo launches Choc-Orange flavour in 1l format

Wayne Thompson, business unit controller for out of home at FrieslandCampina, said: “PMPs are popular with both retailers and consumers alike, protecting retailer margins whilst ensuring a positive price perception among shoppers. We know from our consumer research that Yazoo shoppers are often looking to make multiple bottle purchases, so the 2 for £2 offer provides value for money, especially as we head into another new year marked by economic uncertainty.”

“Yazoo offers PMP variants of all core flavours (Chocolate, Strawberry, Banana and Vanilla) as well as across its Limited-Edition flavours, meaning retailers can tailor their offering to suit their stores. Stocking PMP formats can help to increase impulse purchases, lead to higher basket spends overall and gives convenience retailers an important point of difference, especially with many consumers continuing to shop locally.”

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