Will your shoppers flip for Orangina’s new cans?

Orangina launches limited-edition designs on its 330ml cans that encourage shoppers to turn the can upside down to improve the flavour

Orangina is putting a new spin on the soft drinks category this month with upside down designs on its 330ml cans.

Running on Original and Light flavours, the design encourages shoppers to mix the orange pulp inside, increasing the quality of the drink.

Retailers can stock the designs in single cans and multipacks of six, RRP 89p and £3.69 respectively.

Bridget Hirst, assistant brand manager for Orangina at Lucozade Ribena Suntory, said: “The brand encourages consumers to gently shake Orangina, but this can be counter intuitive with a can. By having artwork upside down, consumers instinctively turn the can and unlock the flavour.”


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