Tropicana Lean launched by PepsiCo

PepsiCo has announced details of its new Tropicana Lean range, which contains 40% less sugar and calories, to meet changing shopper needs for low- and-no-sugar products.

Tropicana Lean will be available from early September in three flavours, Citrus Fruit, Mixed Berries and Tropical Fruit in 900ml formats, with an RRP of £2.75.

The new range is made from 100% recyclable material and contains no artificial sweeteners. The supplier said the launch will focus on addressing sugar content, which is a key barrier for shoppers purchasing food and drinks products, particularly families.

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The supplier recommends that retailers merchandising the range alongside other chilled juice products, offer choice and highlight the 40% less sugar message using available PoS.

Steven Hind, marketing director – juices at PepsiCo, said at a trade briefing earlier this week that the launch comes as shoppers are looking for low- and-no-sugar lines, without compromising on taste.

“Taste is one of the most important purchase drivers for juice as people seek enjoyment. But we recognise there’s also a need to offer a wide product range to meet changing shopper needs as 63.3% of shoppers claim that they are trying to restrict their consumption of sugar.

“The Tropicana Lean launch will appeal to those shoppers who are looking for delicious and convenient products, without having to worry about sugar content. Earlier testing of the range included exceptional results with over 80% purchase intent.”

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Hind also said the decision to launch in 900ml formats initially was due to shoppers spending more time at home, especially since the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have seen a resurgence of take-home formats in the chilled fruit juice category as shoppers have turned to breakfasts at home with the family, with take home juice growing by 14% during lockdown,” he adds.

“Tropicana Lean is aimed at a family audience to share at the breakfast table, hence why we’ve decided to launch in a 900ml format.”

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