'Next-generation energy' from Rubicon Raw

Designed to capitalise on the growing big can energy drinks market, AG Barr has launched new Rubicon Raw.

The range, available from 22 February in Orange & Mango, Raspberry & Blueberry and Cherry & Pomegranate varieties, comes with an RRP of £1.29 in 500ml plain and price-marked cans.

Dubbed as ‘next-generation energy’, Adrian Troy, marketing director at AG Barr, said the drinks are “much more natural in its makeup than the bulk of the brands that exist on the market at the moment”, containing 20% fruit juice, caffeine from green coffee beans and Vitamin B.

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The drinks also aim to recruit new shoppers to the category, moving away from ‘darker colours and masculine cues’, instead prioritising bright shades and mindfulness.

Supporting the launch, the supplier is investing £1.5m throughout 2021 on its ‘Be a force of nature’ campaign, which will span sponsorships, partnerships and influencer collaborations on Instagram.

Asked where to site it in a chiller, Troy recommended convenience retailers place the cans next to existing big can energy drinks. For those lacking space, he added it was a case of streamlining the range and removing varieties that offer the same flavours. “This reduces complexity and provides space for something new.”

The supplier will be launching a ‘Be a force of nature’ campaign

Meanwhile, looking at the big can energy drink market, 10% of the population are currently buying into this segment.

Twenty-six per cent of these consumers are ‘heavy drinkers’ (consuming more than two cans per week), while 85% of volume comes from these ‘heavy drinkers’.

While it is a low penetration category for soft drinks, it is very concentrated – meaning these drinkers are regular and have formed strong habits.

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Troy stated the average age of people buying into the category is 31, with the main reasons behind purchasing big cans is that they are seen as offering better value for money; perception of giving a bigger boost of energy; and a bigger category of flavours.  

“Energy has grown to become the top ‘drink now’ segment of soft drinks worth £1.4bn and growing at 8%. Within this, big can energy drinks are driving the growth at 13%, highlighting an opportunity for retailers to take advantage of new lines.

“Flavour remains really important to energy drinkers – they are looking for more than just functionality, but want a great tasting product. Eight of the fastest growing Energy lines are flavoured, four of which are juice based,” he concluded.

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