Red Bull Editions Watermelon launch

Red Bull has added a limited-edition Red Bull Summer Edition Watermelon flavour to its range, available from 6 July.

Red Bull Watermelon, RRP £1.35, is the latest launch in the supplier’s Editions range.

The launch will be supported by in-store marketing and is available to retailers from early July.

Red Bull launches zero-sugar variety

A spokesperson at Red Bull, said: “With the average soft drink buyer purchasing more than five flavours across the past 12 months and 41% of energy drink consumers saying they would try an exotic or tropical flavour, Red Bull Summer Edition is a must-stock for retailers.

“The new Red Bull Edition is set to revive the growth of flavours in the sports & energy category. Flavours are incremental in encouraging new users, with 10% of new shoppers purchasing an Edition.”

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