Red Bull Apricot-Strawberry

Red Bull has unveiled its latest addition to its seasonal Summer Editions range, with the launch of Red Bull Summer Edition Apricot-Strawberry.

Red Bull Apricot-Strawberry is available now in 250ml orange cans in plain and price-marked formats, and aims to drive the continual growth of flavoured options in the sports and energy category, as well as help retailers capitalise on seasonal sales.

The new flavour will also be available in a sugar-free variety from 28 March following growth of 24.3%, with the new line appealing to health-conscious shoppers who increasingly choose low- or no-sugar alternatives.

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A spokesperson for Red Bull, said: “As shoppers purchase Red Bull Editions more often than ever before – with average frequency of 129.6% vs YA – the launch of Red Bull’s latest flavour innovation aims to draw on the successful launch of the Red Bull Summer Edition 2021. The launch proved so popular with shoppers that is has now become a permanent line, known as the Green Edition.

“Following this success, the new Red Bull Summer Edition will continue to drive category growth within sports and energy while satisfying the ever-expanding 41% of energy drink consumers who are looking to try more exotic fruit flavours.

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“Flavour Editions remain incremental to the Red Bull range and drive new users to the brand, with 10% of new energy drink shoppers opting to buy Red Bull Editions lines over any other format.”

The launch will be supported with 360 in-store marketing investment, including PoS, FSDU’s and more.

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