As retailers get ready for the soft drinks summer spike, experts Claire Keaveny and Jonny Acton from Lucozade Energy show how pricemarked packs can improve value perception and brand campaigns can drive sales.

The Opportunity  

  • 76% of shoppers think pricemarked packs improve a store’s overall price image.

  • Pricemarked soft drinks have a faster rate of sale than their non-pricemarked equivalents.

Focus On


Pradhyot Gandhi

One Stop Shop Bolton Lane,

Bradford County

“I opened my 1,000sq ft shop last November without any previous experience. As a community shop in a residential area, I have a steady flow of regular customers, but soft drinks sales haven’t been as strong as I’d hoped. With the warmer weather arriving, I’m hoping some expert advice can help me grow sales in this category.”

Expert Advice


Claire Keaveny 

Senior Brand Manager, Lucozade Energy



Jonny Acton 

Field Sales Manager, Lucozade Energy

“Pradhyot shows a good instinct for his shoppers’ needs by stocking his small chiller with popular brands and a mix of non-pricemarked and permanent value offers. There aren’t many pricemarked cans, and he could do with some more low-calorie options to complement bestsellers like Lucozade Energy Orange. To reinforce our extensive summer campaign and boost sales even further we’re adding some eye-catching PoS.”

Action Plan

  • Pricemarking: Introduce fast-selling pricemarked options, including cans to improve value perception. This will also help increase customer loyalty and provides an excellent entry point to the energy market.
  • Effective PoS: Add attention-grabbing PoS including shelf-edge strips, wobblers and display bins to highlight the current Lucozade Energy campaign and boost brand recognition to drive sales on high-margin lines.
  • Visibility: Display top-selling lines, as well as low and zero-calorie drinks like Lucozade Zero, at eye-level to encourage planned purchases and increase impulse buying.

Lucozade Energy Tips

  • Use pricemarked packs to increase value perception and build trust with shoppers
  • Make the most of consumer campaigns by using PoS to drive brand recognition
  • Ensure top-selling lines are displayed at eye-level to encourage high-margin sales
  • Stock low and zero-calorie next to core flavours to offer shoppers healthier choices

What Happens Next? 

Over the next six weeks, Pradhyot will follow Lucozade Energy’s expert advice. We will track the sales data at the store to see what changes.