RB Energy Shot PET Bottle UK[6]Impulse retailing is a difficult business. Keeping on top of what’s out there across hundreds and hundreds of products in so many categories can be difficult at times, so when a whole new sub-sector is introduced, it can be difficult to know what to do to make the most of it.

You can often tell how important a new category is, or could potentially be, by the companies involved. So the announcement last week the Red Bull is to launch an “energy shot” to compete with offerings introduced over recent weeks from other key energy brands like Relentless and Lucozade, shows just how important this new category could be. Energy shots are worth anything up to $600m per year in the US, depending on whose figures you believe, so if they’re anything like as successful over here this could be the biggest thing to happen to your store for a long while.

The thing that makes this more than just a flash in the pan for me is the thought that’s gone into it. Both Red Bull and Lucozade have introduced display solutions that will help you make the most of the display, whether you store it on your counter or fix it onto shelving in secondary sites. Keeping track of this category could be vital – and could offer your sales a real shot in the arm.