Retailers can increase sales by offering larger cartons of drinks for sharing that can be kept in the fridge, according to dairy manufacturer Müller.

The supplier is capitalising on the trend – which they say is driven by increased consumer demand – with the launch of a range of 900ml Frijj drinks in Strawberry and Fudge Brownie flavours (RRP £1.50).

Naresh Gajri, of Cranhill Convenience Store in Glasgow, said he sells 1l cartons of milkshakes, in strawberry, chocolate and banana flavours. 

“One litre and 400ml cartons are popular with consumers and I tend to stock Yazoo,” he said.   

Nichola Osgood, of Burgess Stores in Kent, said 1l cartons of apple juice are more popular than larger cartons of milkshakes.

“For us, Owlet Fruit Juice and Duskin Apple Juice are really popular in larger formats and do well,” she said.