Retailers can drive consumer spend in soft drinks by offering healthier lines with added benefits such as vitamins. 

That was the advice from Nimal Amitirigala, Grace Kennedy beverages global catergoy manager as the company unveiled a new range under its Nurishment brand.

Nurishment Mojo is available from April in three 330ml varieties, Strawberry, Chocolate Brownie and La La Latte

The drinks are not price-marked and have an RRP of £1.89, presenting an opportunity to trade shoppers up from Nurishment £1 price-marked cans. 

“Millions of shoppers are looking for healthier milkshakes an almost half of adults take multivitamins either daily or occasionally,” he said. 

The company is also extending its Say Aloe zero sugar range with a Mango flavour, RRP £1.39, which provides 100% of consumers’ recommended vitamin C. 

“At a time when consumers are focusing more on sugar content, this range provides a healthier alternative to carbonated drinks, fruit smoothies or flavoured waters,” Amitirigala said. 

Grace is also rolling out a new design on its Dunn’s River brand and kicking off a sampling campaign for Encona ahead of bringing back its London food event Caribbean Food Week on August 20-27.