A new face is entering the soft drinks market as US-based Talking Rain Beverage Company brings its Sparkling Ice brand to UK convenience retailers.

The flavoured sparkling water is available in three flavours, Orange Mango, Black Raspberry and Peach Nectarine, and comes in 500ml bottles, RRP £1.49.

Sparkling Ice contains 12 calories, tapping into the trend towards ‘better for you’ drinks.

Sparkling Ice
  • Flavours: Orange, Raspberry, Black Raspberry, Peach Nectarine
  • Format : 500ml bottles
  • RRP: £1.49
  • Stock next to: Sparkling water

Kevin Klock, president and CEO of Talking Rain Beverage Company, told Retail Express that consumers are suffering from ‘cola fatigue’ and are demanding something different.

“We’ve been drinking colas for years and no one has really been championing new flavours. Sparkling Ice offers a different taste, it looks like a carbonated soft drink but doesn’t taste like it,” he added. 

The launch will be backed by advertising around London and Belfast, but the brand plans to extend advertising nationally as it continues to grow.

“In the US, rural areas actually outsell big cities. We’ve been running trials and in one store we sold more than 3,000 bottles in a week.”

Sparkling Ice is preparing to launch a Kiwi and Strawberry flavour in the autumn.