EXCLUSIVE: Launch of new Lucozade Revive brand revealed

Lucozade is to launch a new sub-brand, Revive, available to retailers from this month

Lucozade Revive

Lucozade Ribena Suntory is set to launch Lucozade Revive, a new sub-brand in Orange & Passionfruit and Lemon & Lime flavours.

It will be available from 17 February in 380ml single bottles (price-marked and standard packs), as well as 4x380ml multipacks. Information from wholesale group Unitas seen by Better Retailing showed the 380ml variant as having a £1.25 RRP.

Lucozade Revive is intended to tap into the emerging energy segment, which the supplier says is worth £23m, growing by 32% year on year. Described as a ‘naturally inspired uplift,’ the products contain B vitamins to ‘help reduce tiredness’.

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Trademarks filed by the soft drinks giant on 4 February also revealed a third Elderflower variant, though this was not visible on Lucozade Revive promotional material seen by BetterRetailing.

Zoe Trimble, head of marketing at Lucozade Energy, told Better Retailing: “We are so excited to bring something brand new to the energy category later this month with the launch of Lucozade Energy Revive.

“This drink, which will be available in two delicious flavours, has been developed with the aim of growing category sales by allowing retailers to tap into new shoppers. Stay tuned for more information very soon!”

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