Over the course of six weeks, betterRetailing.com is joining forces with Retail Express and Taylors of Harrogate, makers of Yorkshire Tea, to follow the progress of two leading independent retailers who are implementing some groundbreaking hot drinks category advice from the company.

Last week we met Serge Notay, and today we meet our second retailer and find out what he’s looking to improve on.

Bay Bashir runs a Lifestyle Express store on a housing estate in Middlesbrough.

Competition is fierce in his location, with four convenience stores within walking distance. His local community favour convenience store shopping than heading off to the supermarket.

Bay is currently paying particular attention to slightly more “neglected” areas of his store – one of which is his hot beverages display.

“My customers want the best brands at the cheapest price so I try and stock as many brands as I can, as long as I can get them at a good price,” says Bay.

Bay recognises that his hot drinks display is “not up to scratch”, and he is working with Taylors to help him get the range and layout right.

Look out next week when we catch up with Serge Notay to find out how he has been getting on since he was first visited by Taylors of Harrogate.