Diet Coke Sublime Lime

Coca-Cola European Partners has added Diet Coke Sublime Lime flavour to its range.

Available from mid-February onwards, the new Sublime Lime variety is designed to help retailers tap into the flavoured cola segment, which is worth £227m and growing by 11%.

The supplier says that lime is the third most liked soft drink flavour in Britain, highlighting that the new drink presents a significant opportunity for stores to respond to consumer demand and grow their sales.

It will be available in 330ml and 500ml plain and price-marked packs for on-the-go occasions, as well as multipacks, and 1.25l and 2l formats.

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The launch will be backed by a multimillion pound marketing campaign that will raise awareness of the new variety as well as Diet Coke Twisted Strawberry, the two flavoured varieties from the brand.

The campaign will span outdoor advertising, digital and TV, as well as sampling and in-store promotions, giving consumers the opportunity to taste the new drink.

The introduction of the new flavour follows on from the launch of Diet Coke Twisted Strawberry in 2019, which is worth £8m.

Simon Harrison, vice president of commercial development at Coca-Cola European Partners GB, said: “Diet Coke is the biggest light cola brand in Britain, and our flavoured cola innovations helped to drive 57% of on-the-go cola NPD value growth last year.

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“Combining the popularity of Diet Coke, and growing demand for both flavoured and low sugar carbonates, Diet Coke Sublime Lime presents an opportunity for retailers to maximise their soft drinks sales.

“Diet Coke Sublime Lime will be the perfect addition to the Coca-Cola light flavours range, which aims to satisfy a broader consumer appeal by focusing on the best performing flavours such as cherry, strawberry and lime.

“The full light flavours line-up includes Coca-Cola zero sugar Cherry, Coca-Cola zero sugar Vanilla, Diet Coke Twisted Strawberry and the brand-new Diet Coke Sublime Lime.”

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