Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) has announced the return of its #WhatTheFanta campaign, launching a mystery-flavoured blue variant of its Fanta zero sugar range.

The variant is currently available in 500ml and 2l packs now. Each bottle comes with on-pack QR codes which unlock a series of interactive online clues for customers when scanned.

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These clues will develop each week, encouraging repeat purchases. CCEP is also offering POS materials for retailers from the end of April.

The launch of the new mystery blue variant follows a successful pilot campaign in 2020, which saw a mystery green variant experience five times the rate of sale as seen on Fanta Orange in the same period.

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Simon Harrison, vice president of commercial development at CCEP, said: “#WhatTheFanta brings together what Fanta does best – disrupting the category by entertaining its growing fanbase and bringing innovative new flavours to market.

“Our popular Fanta zero sugar range is worth over £68m, which has in part been fuelled by the demand for our zero sugar flavoured variants. Our most recent launches – Fanta zero sugar Raspberry and Fanta zero sugar Grape are now worth £12m combined, with Fanta zero sugar Raspberry delivering £4.5m in sales in its first year.”

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