crisps, milshakesAt the National Convenience Show last month I saw some newish suppliers that may be of interest to UK convenience stores seeking new brands to stand out from their competition.

One that stood out was Just Crisps, a family business from Staffordshire, that is attempting to fill the family-owned and up-and-coming brand gap created by Tyrrells having been sold to a private equity firm in 2008. Tyrrells used to get great reviews like “if you can get hold of Tyrrells crisps (usually in health and organic shops) don’t baulk at the price. They are well worth it and very addictive. Etc” from 2005.

I bumped into proprietor Anthony Froggatt in the press office and laughed at his claim that his crisps were 100% British, saying surely most crisps were. But oil makes up 30% of the content, he quickly responded, and my crisps are made with rapeseed oil, which is from the UK, unlike other crisps that use imported sunflower oil.

Later, visiting his stand I tasted the product which I can see being a hit with people bored with the usual brands. He reckons a 40g bag will retail at 80p and for those retailers seeking something a little bit different this may be a brand to try. His telephone number is 01543 493081.

Also at the show were the team behind Shaken Udder, fresh milkshakes with real fruit or chocolate. It is a nice product but comes at a target price point of £1.45 to £1.55. Sunnyside retailer Andy Singh, writing in Retail Newsagent, picked this product as one to watch. Founders Jodie Farran and Andrew Howie launched the drinks in 2004 and are looking for wholesale distribution. As an incentive to new customers, they promise 25% off the first order. Their number is 01621 868710.