Red Bull makes Summer Edition a permanent line

Red Bull is making its Summer Edition variety a permanent line after initially launching in July.

Now called Red Edition, the watermelon flavoured energy drink was first introduced to the market as a limited-edition can.

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The supplier said with its rate of sale in line with the top launches in the sports and energy category, it has decided to make it available as a permanent line.

Red Bull Editions have grown in value sales by 26.8% over the past year, with more shoppers buying into the range to take home despite the lockdown measures.

As well as this, 41% of energy drinks users are interested in exotic and tropical flavoured energy drinks.

Red Bull launches Summer Edition Watermelon

Red Edition will now appear alongside other permanent lines in the Editions range, including Coconut Berry and Tropical, with an RRP of £1.35 per can.

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